PURE has been working in conjunction with the Ministries of Health and Education to help to scale-up the diagnostic ultrasound capacity throughout Rwanda since 2011. From September 2012 to October 2013 we completed a longitudinal training program for 17 district hospital physicians from across the country with research around the efficacy of this training. PURE facilitated the Strengthening Rwandan Ultrasound Summit in July 2013 to work with all stakeholders to determine the way forward for ultrasound training in Rwanda.

We have more than 20 attending-level physicians with ultrasound training who work with PURE on the Rwanda projects and we have been able to provide ultrasound training for more than 150 clinicians over the last several years. We now have local trainer capacity after a train-the-trainer course for our initial cohort in October 2013, and we are currently working closely with our local partners to facilitate ultrasound training at the undergraduate and graduate level as we move forward. PURE is also developing plans for a basic trauma and ultrasound-training program for district hospital physicians at sites with high trauma burden of disease. Please see the Latest News tab for more information about our recent efforts in Kigali. For more information on these projects please contact us at or

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