PURE is helping to support ultrasound-training efforts for healthcare providers across Kenya led by Drs. Ben Wachira and Greg Bell. Ben is an emergency physician and faculty at the Aga Khan University Hospital, Nairobi, Accident and Emergency department. As one of the only emergency medicine residency-trained Kenyan physicians, Ben is working to develop emergency medicine in Kenya through training and systems development. He is an Executive Committee Member for the African Federation for Emergency Medicine and a section editor for the African Journal of Emergency Medicine. Greg has a particular interest in ultrasound training in the developing world, and works with PURE in Rwanda but his family ties are in Kenya. Greg is based in the USA as the Emergency Ultrasound Director in the Department of Emergency Medicine at the University of Iowa.

For this pilot PoCUS educational program in rural Kenyan hospitals, two trainees from each facility commit to study preliminary material. They are given an illustrated manual that also contains embedded educational videos. They must attend day-long hands-on training and participate in knowledge and skill assessment in basic cardiac, volume status, trauma and obstetric PoCUS. We are looking to see if competency in these basic skills can be achieved with 3 sessions over 6 months. If attendance and competency is demonstrated by the two participants, they are awarded a laptop ultrasound machine provided by an external NGO donations to be used at their hospital.

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Dedicated to improving ultrasound education in the developing world