Regional PURE team updates – April 2019

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East Africa EM Resident Teleultrasound Mentorship Program
The PURE team has also been busy launching a new teleultrasound mentorship program for our emergency medicine resident colleagues in Kigali, Rwanda and Mbarara, Uganda. These young but strong EM programs have a huge ultrasound component to their curriculum as ultrasound is such a pivotal diagnostic tool in EM practice with limited imaging resources. Considering all the demands on our few EM faculty colleagues in these departments, PURE has approximately 20 international ultrasound educators volunteering as 1:1 remote mentors for ultrasound and general EM support as needed for these residents. We are glad to be working on piloting this program over the year and look forward to expanding based on our initial success.

Zanzibar Ob-Gyn Ultrasound Training
The PURE team recently completed an intensive ultrasound training effort in Zanzibar, Tanzania first begun in 2016. It including an intensive 6-month training led by Dr. Liz Hall on Pemba Island, and included a train-the-trainers course for the stars growing out of our original cohort of obstetric-gynecologic focused trainees. The research associated this project is being written up now and we have plans for ongoing train-the-trainer efforts in Zanzibar though 2019. Please reach out if interested in supporting these efforts, particularly if you have strength in ob-gyn focused ultrasound education!

Support for the African Federation of Emergency Medicine Ultrasound Courses
PURE helped lead the Ultrasound Workshop associated with the African Conference on Emergency Medicine hosted in PURE’s founding city of Kigali, Rwanda! Alongside regional ultrasound stars like Drs. Grace Wanjiku, Abiola Fasina, and Ben Wachira, we were thrilled to have so many international team members together with our Kigali team where all these efforts first started 7 years ago. This AfCEM training was with an incredibly enthusiastic group of learners from all over Africa and Europe, with quite impressive ultrasound skills from the start. We look forward to helping to support the regional meeting of the AFEM in East Africa at the Uganda Emergency Care Conference in August 2019. Consider joining this great conference, and let us know if you are interested in helping with the ultrasound workshop!

PURE is excited to be supporting many other programs and research projects across the globe, follow us on twitter @PURE_Updates to learn more! We are always looking for volunteers to support our global ultrasound education and research efforts so please contact us if you would like to learn more and consider becoming part of the team. *Apologies for the recent website issues, while our home page was quiet, the PURE team was not! Ok, now back to scanning ☺