Mbarara, Uganda, September 20, 2016


The PURE Uganda team led by Trish Henwood & Katie O’Brien has been quite busy hosting various ultrasound teaching conferences over the last week! Last Thursday and Friday we hosted day-long teaching sessions including ultrasound physics, how to use the machine, and the extended Focused Assessment with Sonography in Trauma (eFAST). Trainees included MRRH/MUST anesthesia and surgery residents, Emergency Care Providers (ECPs) from Global Emergency Care Collaborative (GECC) and our SEED Global Health colleagues working at MRRH/MUST for the year. The enthusiasm of the learners was infectious, and we beamed seeing surgical residents explain ultrasound concepts to each other and fist-bump as a sign of confirmed understanding!


Today, we finished our formal sessions with the leading help of Dr. Godfrey, faculty with the Department of Ob/Gyn, and a strong representation from our Obstetrics and Gynecology colleagues – both residents and midwives. There was a lot to cover and it was a long day but everyone gained a lot from the session and went away with a lot to practice. Classroom teaching is over for now but the real fun – hands-on, bedside clinical teaching – is continuing.


Tomorrow, Dr. Kate O’Brien will be heading to Nyakabale to perform hands-on training with the GECC ECPs while Charlotte Skorpen (an ultrasound trained medical student in her 6th year originally from Norway), and I (Dr. Sally Graglia) will be doing follow-up bedside teaching with the Obs&Gyn residents. Together we will be working with the ECPs in Masaka on Thursday, then looking forward to continuing bedside teaching in Mbarara next week. Until next time!

Dr. Sally Graglia, MD MPH
Emergency Ultrasound Fellow
Massachusetts General Hospital