September 11-17th, 2016, Kigali, Rwanda

The PURE Rwanda team is enjoying the opportunity to help kick-off the academic year in Kigali! Dr. Rachel Zang (senior Penn EM resident) has been here working hard over the past few weeks with the Rwanda EM faculty to get things ready for the arrival of Dr. Tu Nguyen and myself from the University of Maryland in order to lead the ultrasound portion of EM intern boot camp!

Tu kicked off the ultrasound course on Tuesday with the intro lecture followed by the FAST exam by Rachel. The new intern class caught on quickly to the basic skills on day one. Part of the afternoon was spent in the ED with the senior residents. Pneumothorax and other lung pathology was the day’s theme, foreshadowing what the interns learned on day 2. I assured them that they would be pulmonary ultrasound experts in no time! Tu tackled the cardiac exam and we all look forward to seeing how much the interns learn over the next few weeks. A new practice this year involved the senior EM residents joining us to help lead the practical sessions. Together we were able to help advance their own teaching skills and knowledge while they did a great job of educating the interns on the basics.

The week finished with some amazing scans by the senior residents in the ED with findings including their first pelvic kidney, a cardiac myxoma, pneumonia, gallstones and a bowel diameter over 16cm in a patient with concern for obstruction – the surgeons took it from there! Our team is looking forward to lots more bedside scanning and teaching with the Rwandan EM residents next week!

– Dr. Laura Diegelmann