September 19th: Liberia

This past week was busy and challenging!  The residents are getting much better at ultrasound and they are realizing all the potential applications of ultrasound on each of their patients. So, they are eager to see what they can find on their ultrasound exams and keeping the PURE teaching team engaged!  The week started with a teenager with an enlarging pelvic mass over the last 9 months without regular periods.  On physical exam she had abdominal protrusion about the size of 6-month gestation but a negative pregnancy test…on ultrasound she had an enlarged uterus and what appears to be a vaginal septum blocking menstrual flow.  She was diagnosed with hematocolopos and was taken to the operating room to correct the problem.

OB/GYN kept us busy both in their clinic and with their emergency patients.  They had two patients come in at once very sick, with critically low blood pressure.  One was a ruptured live 8-week ectopic pregnancy and the other was a perforated uterus after an abortion.  Both patients were rushed to the operating room with units of blood hanging en route.  And if Dr. Laura had not had enough OB/GYN ultrasound for the week, she went to Bong County to scan there with the residents.  Twins, triplets and more twins…multiples seem to be the theme in Bong!