Emily’s day 3 update!

Day 3 began with the news from Dr. Stephen Rulisa that PURE’s training program was approved yesterday as a certificate program from the National University of Rwanda! The trainees were happy to hear this as we got the training for the day underway with image based review in the library, “pass the pointer” style. This was a great way to get all the trainees active and engaged right off the bat, and we were pleased to see how quickly they are catching on. After review, Dr. Emmanuel from the Rwanda Society for Ultrasound joined us for Dave Mackenzie’s absorbing presentation on lung ultrasound. From there we moved into the conference room to start scanning away on each other to looking for (hopefully the absence of) pneumothoraces, pleural effusions or consolidations. We were happy to find that our trainees lungs were all in good shape, as are there growing ultrasound skills. We were very pleased to have Dr. Vincent from the MoH join us for a visit this afternoon during Megan Leo’s lecture on soft tissue and bone applications. After the last lecture of the day, we moved to the wards for scanning. We found plenty of pathology and wrapped up the afternoon with the entire group back together reviewing the images the various teams collected on the wards for more learning. We found multiple pericardial effusions, pneumonias, liver disease and ascites, an atrial thrombus, and plenty of B-lines. The trainees even diagnosed their first core pulmonale with a very large right ventricle, after just one Echo lecture with Dr. Leo. All are looking forward to our OB sessions tomorrow!