Latest Progress

A couple e-mails went out to the group over the past week detailing our progress in making contact with the MOH.  They requested to choose the particular district hospital we partner with and we are still waiting to here.  A copy of the project description that was sent to the MOH is in the files section.  We’ve sent them the document and requested that they make it official on letterhead and with signatures and such.  When we hear from them again we’re going to ask if they would be able to select 3 hospitals and we could choose among the hospitals after a visit to each site to speak with the physicians there and conduct a formal needs assessment.  If all goes according to plan the assessment will happen in March.
In order to qualify for more donations and grants we’re looking into the incorporation process and ultimately obtaining 501c3 nonprofit status.  Additionally, we bought the domain for our organization to appear more professional, though it just directs to this google site for now.  If anyone knows of an attorney that may be able to offer us some pro bono help with this process please get in touch.
Finally, we’re going to start moving forward with curriculum development and program design in order to best facilitate study of the effectiveness of our approach.

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