Ministry of Health

One of the things I’m working on presently is getting formal permission/and invitation from one of the district hospitals for us to start our project there this spring.  Just wanted to update you all on the avenues we’re looking down and the contingency plans if we dead end…

– Assist International – Ray Schmidt, our contact there, has been busy in Rwanda installing 3 new ultrasound machines until basically this weekend.  He’s to return to work next week and hopefully he’ll have been able to propose our plans to one of the hospitals he visited.  I will hopefully be in touch with him about it next week.
– The Access Project – Dr. Blaise Karibushi is the country director.  He will return to Rwanda this Monday and is really excited about the project.  He’s going to work on getting us in at a hospital and with the MOH as of his return.
– Various contacts – this is the contingency plan presently!  A number of you are living and working in Rwanda presently, and some have direct contacts at the MOH and district hospitals.  If by mid December we don’t seem to be making any progress with the current plans, we’ll look down these other routes.

What do you think?  please share any suggestions or other ideas you have!  thanks

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