Applying for a Gold Grant

Hey Guys, something to please start thinking about…one of the potential sources of funding for our project is the Arnold P. Gold foundation.  They award grants up to $25,000 to med students, residents, and faculty with the goal of promoting humanism in medicine.  You can read more about it and see some examples here,  With that in mind, how can we spin our project to emphasize the humanistic aspects of it?  My thoughts so far:

– The physicians that travel will benefit from the experience of working with their Rwandan peers, they will learn about caring for patients in resource-poor settings.  These experiences will help develop empathy and cultural competency, thereby promoting humanism in medicine.
– Patients that use the district hospital for the most part are very poor.  If a patient needs medical imaging (CT or US) they are often referred to a hospital in Kigali.  This trip requires a full day from most rural locations, and the direct costs of transportation as well as implicit costs due to the time away from work/home.  By teaching district hospital physicians to use a new imaging tool, less patients may require a trip to Kigali for imaging.  Humanism is promoted by recognition that health is linked to economic situation.

what else?  leave comments or send an e-mail please!

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