PURE and international radiology

Hey everyone, PURE had the great fortune to be presented at the third annual RAD-AID International conference yesterday.  Trish and I met so many fantastic people, all dedicated to bringing appropriate radiology to the developing world.  What I mean by appropriate is that the findings will serve a purpose in the context of the particular healthcare systems capacity, i.e. nobody needs mammography if there are no breast surgeons or oncologists to treat a positive finding.  Anyhow, the other ultrasound work that people and organizations are dedicated to is just awesome, and PURE can learn so much from their experiences.  Notably, Imaging the World and their unique approach to training healthworkers to do ultrasound sweeps that are then interpreted by radiologists and sonographers (sonographers in Uganda are trained to interpret ultrasounds) have achieved incredible things including being awarded a Gate’s Challenge Grant (http://imagingtheworld.org/).  Dr. Bill Marks has done ultrasound training all over the world, and will be publishing a book on his experiences and recommendations, I attached a PDF below of his.  Tarek S. El-Shayal, principal of the East Africa Aid foundation (http://www.eastafricaaidproject.org/) had a lot of great advice based on his experiences trying to bring equipment to the hospitals and clinics he partners with.  We can learn a lot from the experiences of Dr. Robert Nathan and his partners working on training midwives in focused high yield ultrasound, they too have impressive achievments in obtaining support from foundations and corporations (http://change.washington.edu/projects/mobile-midwives-ultrasound/).  As far as I know PURE represented the only non-radiology based efforts at ultrasound training at this conference, and it was great for us to network with these other groups we may not have had as much access to otherwise.  I also attached the ppt that was presented, in case anyone wants a quick and dirty overview of the project.

Trish leaves for Rwanda today!  Really excited about what she’s aiming to get done while there, and we’ll keep you all posted.

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