This is my formal commitment to all of you reading these updates that I will do better from here on out.  No excuses, just apologies and promises to do better.  Since the last post in July we’ve formed a fantastic working group up in Boston to finish up the curriculum design.  We’ve been lucky enough to draw the interest of Dr. Alice Murray, an MGH international emergency ultrasound fellow and experienced in Rwanda.  She’s been working with other new team members like Dr. Josh Rempell, a current EUS fellow at MGH, as well as Emily Douglass an intern from Northeaster University.  In addition to curriculum design they’re all working on American IRB approval of our research agendaTrish is doing her best to make a return trip to Rwanda happen next month in order get our MOU signed, submit all the INGO registration paperwork, and complete the Rwandan national IRB approval process.  My goal now is to work on publicity, fundraising, networking, and trainer recruitment.  As all these pieces come together we get closer and closer to a launch date.  I still can’t predict this exactly, but we’re shooting for early 2012.  Action items that YOU can help with:

– donate through our friends at Good/Works global
– subscribe to our twitter feed and spread the word
– like us on facebook
– subscribe to the e-mail list 
– reconnect if you previously were interested in getting involved but have lost touch
– if you’re ultrasound trained, and looking to travel, get in touch about becoming a trainer

Any help is good help, so please don’t hesitate to e-mail liz@pureultrasound.org if you want to get more involved, thanks!

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