Successful Trip

Trish recently returned from her time in Rwanda making in person introductions of PURE and learning about the needs and current capacity of various district hospitals. She met with leadership in the MoH, the Rwandan Medical Association (a doctors and patients civil advocate group), and the Rwandan Medical Council (the government branch responsible for medical education).  In general our group and plans were very well received, the challenge now is to determine the best way to integrate our abilities with the needs we learned of through this trip.  More to details on this soon, there’s still a lot of information to synthesize.  We have formed a formal board of directors as posted on The Team section of this site.  This is necessary for decision making related to the incorporation process and other organization matters.  The law students are hard at work on the incorporation process, and the board is currently reviewing the bylaws for approval.  Once we have become an entity we will establish a fiscal sponsorship agreement with Goodworks Global while we work to obtain our own nonprofit status.  This will allow us to receive tax deductible donations as well as qualify us for many grants that require an NGO to have 501c3 nonprofit status.  Our group was recently featured in the EMRA “What’s Up in Emergency Medicine” publication, you can find the article here –

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